Treatment and purification of industrial waste water

Purification and treatment of polluted waters

Thanks to the knowledge of the sector, Gea Consulting is able to guarantee the correct treatment and purification of waste water with plants authorized and suitable for the purpose so as to allow the correct discharge into the environment so as not to compromise the health of surface waters and groundwater.

The correct process of purification of waste water allows the latter to be included in the required legal parameters eliminating the pollutants that are present within them and that derive from the production processes for which they were used.

Defend the environment with the correct management of industrial sludge

Industrial water treatment usually consists of a set of purification processes whereby waste water is separated from the pollutants that are concentrated in the form of sludge. The pollutants are, therefore, the real waste of the waste water purification cycle and are often contaminated with substances that are highly toxic to the environment. For this, in turn they need careful purification before proceeding with their transportation in view of disposal in specialized landfills.

Plants for the waste water purification

Geo Consulting provides state-of-the-art water treatment systems so as to offer its customers certified solutions from an environmental point of view that can also purify industrial wastewater contaminated by substances such as mineral oils, phosphorus, metals and dyes.

By means of special tanks, we store substances such as painting and washing water, waste containing heavy metals, solvents or ammonia and exhausted solutions in view of the appropriate physical or chemical treatment necessary for the correct water purification processes.

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