Management and recovery of industrial waste

Management and treatment of liquid and solid industrial waste

Among the sectors in which Gea Consulting of Viterbo is at the forefront, there is certainly the management of the entire cycle concerning the disposal of industrial, liquid and solid waste, in which it demonstrates a company capable of supporting any type of manufacturing company, with the certainty of a transparent and legal management of the whole procedure.

The management of industrial waste foresees their disposal in special collection centers equipped with the necessary technologies for the correct treatment of:

  • solid industrial waste
  • liquid industrial waste
  • hazardous special waste
  • hospital waste

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Disposal of the industrial waste

For the disposal of liquid industrial waste, for example, the presence of appropriate purification plants is necessary, while inertization will make it possible to transform many solid hazardous special waste into substances with less impact on man and the environment.
Gea Consulting guarantees the correct conferment and treatment of industrial waste throughout the country, thanks to its network of suppliers and collaborators, with particular regard to central and southern Italy.It also offers total customer assistance regarding the bureaucratic aspects of industrial waste disposal such as SISTRI assistance, the compilation of M.U.D. according to the law 70/94 or the keeping of the loading and unloading registers.

Recovery of industrial waste to protect the environment

The creation and development of environmentally friendly solutions such as separate waste collection has led to the traditional disposal of industrial waste, even their recovery in view of solutions that allow the reintegration in the production chain, thus significantly reducing industrial waste and the environmental impact.

For this reason, Gea Consulting organizes the collection and transportation of industrial waste according to the needs of each customer to direct them to the recovery centers where, at the end of the necessary selection, they will be sent to the correct waste recovery procedures.