Reclamation, recovery and disposal of asbestos

From reclamation to the disposal of Eternit

Asbestos fibers are a very serious problem for health and for this reason the removal of the covers that contain them from sheds, roofs and structures in general must always be in full compliance with current regulations.

The asbestos removal is a very delicate procedure and to be carried out in complete safety must provide for the use of specialized and equipped labor with the necessary protections so as to remove the eternit sheets without any dispersion of asbestos fibers in the air.

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Asbestos removal securing the land

In every phase of asbestos disposal, the customer is assisted by the staff of Gea Consulting to guarantee the following services:

  • processing of paperwork with preparation and submission of the intervention plan to the local health authority;
  • analysis of the sample to verify the presence of asbestos in fiber cement sheets;
  • ecological-environmental analysis to identify any asbestos fibers in the air;
  • securing the area, encapsulating asbestos with removal, transport and disposal at an authorized landfill.

In addition, our company can also proceed with the installation of a new roofing with panels certified from an environmental point of view on precise indication of the customer.

Disposal of eternit slabs and asbestos throughout Italy

Gea Consulting is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers also for this reason to rely on us for asbestos disposal means to rely on adequately trained personnel and on the best equipment for reclamation work. The company has two operating offices in Viterbo and Chieti,

moreover, thanks to the collaboration with the partner companies we are able to satisfy the customers’ eternal reclamation needs all over the national territory, guaranteeing to each of them the maximum professionalism that only a long experience in the management of asbestos removal can offer.