Waste management and treatment

Specialists in integrated management of waste disposal

Gea Consulting follows all the steps of waste management to become a global partner of the customer and help him identify the integrated solutions for every need with the utmost professionalism and speed.

The first phase of this process includes a careful analysis of the customer’s activity to plan together the different aspects of the waste logistics in order to rationalize the costs and optimize the best work.

Container rental for waste storage

Waste recovery, to be sent to recycling stations or final disposal, can take place directly, but in some cases it is necessary to proceed with temporary waste storage on site at the client’s site or company. Gea Consulting offers, therefore, also the rental of waste containers suitable for the collection of all types of waste material so as to temporarily store them at the site and then load them on trucks quickly and safely. To face this important aspect we have solutions of all sizes such as:

  • containers with low sides for inert materials;
  • open skips with banks that can be used for solid and bulky waste;
  • watertight containers for muddy or weakly percolating waste;
  • boxes with hydraulic opening for the protection of waste from atmospheric agents.

Service of transport and disposal of industrial waste

For the transport of hazardous waste, we have ADR-approved containers that are watertight and suitable for moving to storage and disposal sites, while for pressurable waste we propose the rental of

roll-off compactors that reduce total volume. When our waste containers are full we will arrange for you to remove them and transport them to the nearest collection center.

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