Recovery and disposal of scrap metal for industrial demolition

Industrial demolitions and tanks demolition with scrap metal collection

Throughout Italy, Gea Consulting is able to offer an industrial demolition service aimed at the dismantling of metal and iron structures, such as tanks, industrial conditioning and heating systems. To proceed with the correct dismantling of the structures we always work in collaboration

with the customer through careful inspections that allow us to identify in advance the real operational needs. The demolition of the structure, in fact, is always aimed at the recovery of scrap metal, but must also deal with the proper management of any special waste present in the yard.

New life in metal and ferrous materials with recovery

The recovery of ferrous materials allows the transformation of demolition waste into a precious economic resource through the processing of scrap metal and the subsequent reintroduction on the market so as to guarantee an important saving from a financial point of view. Ferrous metal recovery services are designed to allow the reintroduction of metal waste in the production cycle and include the following processing steps.

  • Collected ferrous scrap with the possibility of providing temporary storage by renting containers and special containers for scrap
  • Crushing and shearing of ferrous scrap with final sorting of the materials obtained
  • Recovery of scrap metal and ferrous waste
  • Supply of recovered metals to foundries and ironworks

Collecting ferrous scrap with the removal of sheds

Our fleet of vehicles allows us to always have at our disposal the necessary equipment for the transport of ferrous materials quickly, in full compliance with the regulations in force so as to free you from any type of bureaucratic concern.

In addition, Gea Consulting can also intervene for the removal of sheds from all those disused or obsolete equipment, providing first-hand their pick-up by specialized personnel and ensuring transportation to qualified disposal centers.

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