Environmental reclamation and treatment of polluted land

Management of the remediation of contaminated sites and polluted land

A polluted soil represents not only damage to the local ecosystem, but risks becoming a serious problem for the population and for its health. Gea Consulting designs and implements integrated solutions for the

remediation of contaminated sites throughout the country in compliance with environmental regulations in force and, thanks to its transparent management, is registered in the White List of virtuous companies prepared by the Prefecture of Viterbo

Environmental rehabilitation with remediation of contaminated land

The staff of Gea Consulting follows constant refresher courses on polluted land reclamation techniques and has state-of-the-art facilities capable of allowing the environmental restoration of contaminated areas with particular attention to the subsoil and to surface waters or deep water tables. The evaluative inspections allow us to identify and implement projects to ensure the safety of contaminated land, but also to establish the correct procedures for the storage and disposal of special and hazardous waste deriving from environmental remediation operations

Advices on the techniques of remediation of polluted sites

The reclamation of polluted land carried out by Gea Consulting guarantees certain and resolutive environmental rehabilitation results to the client. We are able to tackle both small and major problems in a timely manner, with appropriate solutions to the various cases, from disused industrial sites to areas contaminated by illegal waste deposits.

Gea Consulting supports, with the reclamation activity, the project, using geological and environmental advisory so as to proceed with the interventions in full respect of the environment and the law, but also of the budget defined with the client, quickly obtaining the certification attesting the successful reclamation.

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