Services for draining cesspools and sewers

Sewer drainage and black wells with canal jets

Gea Consulting carries out obstructed sewage cleaning services to limit inconveniences to individuals, condominiums, businesses and shops. To do this we use a purge truck equipped with canal-jet technology, a versatile machine

able to reach even the critical points so as to proceed with the unblocking of the pipes without damaging them. To verify the state of the sewage network we also propose detailed video inspections that allow you to identify the causes of leaks and unpleasant odors.

Interventions of cleansing biological pits and septic tanks

Gea Consulting takes care of the periodic cleaning of the black wells by their emptying so as to collect the sludge sedimented on the bottom, but also intervene for the disruption of the cesspools in order to remove deposits and obstructions that can prevent the proper dispersion of the purified water causing clogging, proliferation of bacteria and consequent unpleasant odors. Thanks to a fleet of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art systems, the personnel can purge black wells with the suction of the sewage quickly eliminating all types of obstructions. Gea Consulting takes care, of course, also of the purging of biological tanks and imhoff tanks with cleaning of septic tanks, suction of sewage and disposal of the same at authorized treatment centers.

Emergency intervention to purge black wells and sewers

To meet every need we have a ready-to-operate sewerage service operating throughout the upper Lazio region and in the Abruzzo region.

By contacting our company at the number 0761 253135 you can request the service of bleeding black civil and industrial wells or cleaning the biological tanks with the certainty of solving the problem in a timely manner.

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