Waste disposal for the manufacturing industry

Management and treatment of industrial waste

Gea Consulting is the ideal partner for all companies in the manufacturing sector and in general for all companies that need to efficiently plan and manage the entire collection and disposal cycle of industrial waste, structuring it according to their production needs.

Starting, for example, from the disposal of paints, classified as hazardous special waste due to damage caused by incorrect disposal

it can cause to the environment and that for this reason the companies of the sector, but also the professional users, should always entrust to companies with proven experience. The disposal of paints and solvents, as well as that of many other cases, requires the keeping of the appropriate loading and unloading registers to indicate the successful disposal at the authorized collection centers and that the staff of Gea Consulting can fill out on behalf of the customer.

Services for electronic waste disposal

The disposal of industrial waste includes, among others, also electronic waste that must be stored and treated in the right way to prevent the dispersal of pollutants such as heavy metals into the environment.
For this reason the disposal of electronic waste – the so-called WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – is governed by Directive 2012/19 / EU that instructs the industries themselves of the management of such waste with a direct responsibility that goes from collection to final disposal. Whether it’s cables, electrical and electronic components, screens, printers, personal computers, mobile phones or photocopiers, our company will take care of the collection and disposal with a traceability of the waste at each stage of the service.

Disposal of processing waste for companies

The waste disposal service for companies in the Gea Consulting manufacturing industry also includes the management of waste disposal for tire, ceramic or polystyrene waste processing.

with the start of processing waste towards the authorized waste recovery centers in order to guarantee as far as possible the recycling of the materials present in the production process.

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