Management and disposal of hospital waste

Disposal of all types of hospital waste

Health waste produced by hospitals, ASL and private clinics must be collected, transported and disposed of in the correct manner so as to reduce risks to the environment and to the health of the community. For example, the management of hospital waste, but also the disposal of health waste at infectious risk

require the use of special containers for sanitary waste made to withstand shocks and stress during transport. The staff of Gea Consulting uses all the necessary precautions during the handling of these dangerous hospital waste in order to dispose of them always in the pre-established ways and times.

Management and treatment of hazardous health waste

Hazardous hospital waste comes from the various laboratories that are present in the health facilities and for their management it is necessary to fill in a special form as well as the loading and unloading register. Disposal of hazardous medical waste can only be carried out by an authorized company such as Gea Consulting, which will transport it to the storage platforms from which it will be sent for final destruction.

Waste disposal for clinics and hospitals

The disposal of medical waste also includes waste similar to solid urban waste such as disposable clothing and sheets, orthopedic gypsum, bandages or residues of the preparation of meals in addition to those for which normal collection is already provided for.

X-rays are also considered special waste because the thin layer of plastic that composes them is covered with silver nitrate and for this reason the X-ray film can provide a treatment that allows the recovery of silver for a lower impact on the environment.

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