Disposal of electronic waste and printer cartridges

Collection WEEE electronic waste for offices

On behalf of numerous companies throughout Italy, Gea Consulting takes care of the collection of those categories of waste that are characteristic of the offices and that need special attention at the time of disposal.
This is why we deal with printers, monitors, TV, old mobile phones and, in general, all the devices that are part of the WEEE, so as to guarantee companies the correct disposal of electronic waste

for those technological products that contain polluting and toxic substances inside them. Gea Consulting provides companies with special containers for electronic waste that will be collected and transported to suitable treatment plants so as to allow the removal of the dangerous components present within them and a possible recovery of some materials.

Disposal of electronic waste and toner printers

Next to the disposal of electrical and electronic waste, our company also deals with the disposal of toner and cartridges, with their collection in the company, so as to limit their harmful impact on the environment and ensure transportation to facilities suitable for recycling. Paper disposal is another very requested service for the management of office waste in order to correctly manage the waste and start it for recycling. This category can also include the reserved paper waste that must be collected in the utmost secrecy and sent to the plants that will deal with their destruction.

Consulting for PC disposal, printers and other electronic waste

Whether it is computer waste disposal or special waste treatment, each office will find in Gea Consulting a reliable interlocutor able to offer environmental advice for the management of disposal operations of all components that are part of normal working life.

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