Disposal of food waste for canteens

Management and disposal of food waste

Every day, canteens and other collective catering activities produce a considerable amount of organic waste that, if treated in the correct way, can be recycled through a natural degradation process that allows to obtain, for example, compost for agriculture.

The experience of Gea Consulting in the sector is essential to organize an effective food waste disposal service based on customer needs in order to agree with him times and frequency of collection.

Treatment of organic waste for canteens and restaurants

The waste of meals and cooking activities are placed in the appropriate containers for the disposal of organic waste that the employees of Gea Consulting will move to withdraw so as to transport them to authorized composting plants. Very important is also the management of waste oil collection which, together with fats such as butter, are part of the category of non-hazardous special waste and for this must be stored in special containers awaiting transport to the recovery centers with their own means regularly authorized by the National Register of Environmental Managers.

Dispose of food waste in the correct way

The staff of canteens (public or private companies, schools, etc.) will always be informed in a clear and precise manner on the types of biodegradable organic waste

that are allowed for collection and proper management in order to ensure a safe disposal of food waste and finally respectful of the environment.

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