International waste management

International waste management

Specialized in the intermediation of waste, especially to foreign plants, we make our know-how available by proposing alternative solutions on a European scale for transfers to primary treatment plants and landfills with guaranteed capacities.

Our staff is able to provide you with a technical environmental consultancy service that completely follows the management, authorization and administrative practices linked to the cross-border transport of waste.

This service consists of both the search for the foreign plant suitable to accept the waste to be disposed of and/or recovered and assistance in preparing the documentation necessary for opening the notification dossier, assistance with the shipping, transit and destination authorities.

Cross-border waste management

In any case in which the waste must definitively pass or transit from one State to another, the transport is called cross-border shipment of waste. Regulation (EC) no. 1013/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2006 relating to shipments of waste, establishes the procedures and control regimes for shipments of waste depending on the origin, destination and shipping route, the type of waste shipped and the type of treatment to be applied to the waste at the place of destination.

The Regulation arises from the need to make national systems consistent with the community system and to align European legislation with the various international treaties and agreements.

We follow the cross-border transport of waste to selected facilities within the European community: incinerators, landfills, recovery and treatment plants. We prepare waste management practices as notifiers along the entire supply chain regarding the bureaucratic, authorization, logistical and administrative process.

What is meant by cross-border notification

Generally, the waste producer, or the person who intends to ship waste, known as the “notifier”, must generally complete and send a prior written notification to the competent shipping authority, accompanied by a standard accompanying document, additional information and financial guarantee contract; this authority ensures forwarding to the destination and transit authorities.

The notifier awaits written consent from these authorities before starting the shipment.

It is therefore a procedure that is initiated by all those companies that are authorized to manage waste and by entities registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers.

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